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Label / Country / Year = POLAR - EU (2020)
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Remastered, coloured vinyl (Red/Orange/Silver/White/Green/Blue/Gold/Yellow)
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Ring Ring
A1 Ring, Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal) 3:10
A2 Another Town, Another Train 3:12
A3 Disillusion 3:03
A4 People Need Love 2:45
A5 I Saw It In The Mirror 2:33
A6 Nina, Pretty Ballerina 2:51
B1 Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) 2:54
B2 Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother 2:50
B3 He Is Your Brother 3:18
B4 Ring, Ring (Engelsk Version) 3:05
B5 I Am Just A Girl 3:01
B6 Rock'n Roll Band 3:09
C1 Waterloo 2:45
C2 Sitting In The Palmtree 3:39
C3 King Kong Song 3:14
C4 Hasta Ma¤ana 3:05
C5 My Mama Said 3:14
C6 Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) 3:05
D1 Honey, Honey 2:55
D2 Watch Out 3:46
D3 What About Livingstone 2:54
D4 Gonna Sing You My Lovesong 3:35
D5 Suzy-Hang-Around 3:11
D6 Waterloo (English Version) 2:46
E1 Mamma Mia 3:32
E2 Hey, Hey Helen 3:16
E3 Tropical Loveland 3:05
E4 SOS 3:22
E5 Man In The Middle 3:00
E6 Bang-A-Boomerang 2:50
F1 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 3:15
F2 Rock Me 3:03
F3 Intermezzo No. 1 (Instrumental) 3:48
F4 I've Been Waiting For You 3:39
F5 So Long 3:06
G1 When I Kissed The Teacher 3:00
G2 Dancing Queen 3:50
G3 My Love, My Life 3:52
G4 Dum Dum Diddle 2:53
G5 Knowing Me, Knowing You 4:02
H1 Money, Money, Money 3:05
H2 That's Me 3:15
H3 Why Did It Have To Be Me 3:20
H4 Tiger 2:55
H5 Arrival 3:00
The Album
I1 Eagle 5:51
I2 Take A Chance On Me 4:05
I3 One Man, One Woman 4:25
I4 The Name Of The Game 4:54
J1 Move On 4:42
J2 Hole In Your Soul 3:41
The Girl With The Golden Hair: 3 Scenes From A Mini-Musical
J3a Thank You For The Music 3:48
J3b I Wonder (Departure) 4:33
J3c I'm A Marionette 3:54
K1 As Good As New 3:22
K2 Voulez-Vous 5:11
K3 I Have A Dream 4:44
K4 Angeleyes 4:20
K5 The King Has Lost His Crown 3:30
L1 Does Your Mother Know 3:13
L2 If It Wasn't For The Nights 5:13
L3 Chiquitita 5:26
L4 Lovers (Live A Little Longer) 3:28
L5 Kisses Of Fire 3:16
Super Trouper
M1 Super Trouper 4:13
M2 The Winner Takes It All 4:55
M3 On And On And On 3:41
M4 Andante, Andante 4:38
M5 Me And I 4:53
N1 Happy New Year 4:37
N2 Our Last Summer 4:18
N3 The Piper 3:25
N4 Lay All Your Love On Me 4:33
N5 The Way Old Friends Do 2:53
The Visitors
O1 The Visitors 5:49
O2 Head Over Heels 3:45
O3 When All Is Said And Done 3:20
O4 Soldiers 4:38
P1 I Let The Music Speak 5:20
P2 One Of Us 3:55
P3 Two For The Price Of One 3:36
P4 Slipping Through My Fingers 3:51
P5 Like An Angel Passing Through My Room 3:25




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